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To start playing Dystopian Wars, you will need either the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set, or a Gubbins Box and at least a fleet box to begin playing.

How To Play

Choose Encounter

Roll an action die and consult the Common Encounter table, or agree on a Special or Campaign Encounter.


Both players shuffle their Victory & Valour decks and reveal the top card. Players alternate deploying Units in this order: Aerial Units, all Other Units, and finally Submerged Units.

Determine Initiative

Each player chooses a Victory & Valour card from their hand and places it face down on the table. Both players reveal their chosen card simultaneously and the player with the highest numbered card gets initiative this round.

Draw Victory & Valour cards up to the hand limit specified by the game size.

Holding Your Nerve

The player with initiative may draw a Victory & Valour card and allow their opponent to take the Initiative.

Activations Phase

The player with initiative chooses a Unit to Activate, performs Operations, Movement, Shooting and Assaults in that order.


Players then take it in turns activating a single Unit at a time, until all Units have been Activated. A Unit may only be Activated once per Round.

The End Phase

Players perform SRS Resolution, Repairs, check for Victory and Maintenance.

Go back to Step 3 and begin a new round.

What You Need To Play


You will need a Force to engage the enemy with. The best place to start is either the Two-player starter set “Hunt for the Prometheus” or a Fleet box for your chosen faction. You can expand on this with additional products to grow your Force.


The Rules

You will need a copy of the Dystopian Wars Rules in order to play. This book contains all the rules you need to play the game and is laid out in an easy to learn format with plenty of page references and an index to help you find what you need.

The Rules

Order Of Battle Sheet

Sometimes called an ORBAT, this sheet will tell you how to put together your Force and will contain any special rules and Unit options.

Order Of Battle Sheet

Unit Cards

You will need a Victory & Valour Deck and a set of Unit cards as a reference for the Units in your force. The Unit cards can be found online here. The Victory & Valour cards are all included in the “Hunt for the Prometheus” Two-Player Starter Set (found here) or in the Gubbins Box.

Unit Cards

Dice & Templates

Dystopian Wars uses two types of custom dice: Action Dice and Critical Dice. You will also need a template set. These are all included in the “Hunt for the Prometheus” Two-Player Starter Set (found here) or in the Gubbins Box.

Dice & Templates
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