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The Factions


Tarnished by a recent Civil War and brutalised by the horrific technologies it unleashed to claim victory, the Union is a dark reflection of its former glory. The conquest and subjugation of the former Confederacy and the deeper south, as well as the new opportunities opening in the West stand as grim consolation for the Union’s war-wearied soul. The Union cheer the formidable military might their country now wields to ensure that never again will anyone have to pay the brutal price that freedom demands.

Nothing, however, can truly extinguish the fire of the American spirit. Scarred and brutalised by their own experiences, the Union’s military industrial complex is well-aware of the depths to which man can fall – the only hope is to be found in having strength and resolution to stand tall in the face of great adversity, whatever the cost.



The architects of the Dystopian Age, the Covenant of the Enlightened wield their formidable intellects to sweep aside those who stand in the way of Science and Progress. These masters of technology covet knowledge above all things and believe that it is only they who can steer humanity on a path to enlightenment. Whether with monstrous fusions of man and machine or with their terrifying and wondrous war-engines, the Covenant of the Enlightened take every opportunity to demonstrate their technological supremacy.

The discoveries that were intended to herald a new era for humanity are instead used to punish those who would misuse them. Only when the Covenant are lauded as the rightful leaders of the Earth this new Dystopian Age can the world be brought into a new dawn of achievement and prosperity.



Tempered by revolution, civil war and failed conquests; forged in the fires of invasion and the minds of brilliant men and women, the Commonwealth stands as a beacon of hope to oppressed humanity. A democracy that stretches from the industrial centres of Poland-Lithuania to the snowy wastes of Siberia and the steppes of Mongolia, the Commonwealth’s people come from a hundred or more cultures and groups but are united by the loyalty to their state and the Tsar who safeguards it. Required to serve their country and fellow-citizens in whatever capacity they can, the Commonwealth can call upon huge reserves of strength to ensure its survival and prosperity.

Enriched by the technological bounties wrested from the jealous hands of those who sought to manipulate the world, the Commonwealth stands as a testament to the will and perseverance of the common man.

Long live Mother Russia, long live the Commonwealth; long live her People, long live the Tsar!



The pre-eminent power in central Europe, the Imperium is a mighty colossus that spans the continent from the shores of the Baltic to the warmer climes of the Adriatic. From its capital in Berlin, the network of industry, rail and military might is harnessed for the good of its citizens.

The Kaiser and his supporters, the enigmatic and powerful Teutonic Knights, are surrounded by enemies but are confident in their ability to marshal their forces and destroy utterly those who would threaten their glorious realm. Let them come and break their strength upon the bulwark of civilisation; the Imperium shall not go shrinking into the darkness like some thief in the night. Blood and Iron!



A new power is rising, the tattered glories of old, refreshed with new triumphs and ideas. Revitalised by strong leadership and enriched with the fruits of new technology, the Republique of France has united the League of Italian States, the Sovereignty of Spain and the Kingdom of Portugal into a formidable alliance that is determined to take a seat at the table of the world powers. No longer will they be ignored, no longer will their lands be a battleground for the European nations to settle their scores over. Where there is the will to triumph: victory soon shall follow.

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the Latin Alliance shall burn away the shame of past defeats to topple empires and lay waste to those who once sought to dominate them. Victory or Death!



A dominion upon which the sun never sets. The Pax Britannica. The Crown Inviolate.

Such statements once shook palaces and humbled kings. Those days are now slowly slipping away like the memories of a half-remembered dream. The Crown is no longer the pre-eminent industrial power, and its armies and navies no longer unchallenged in their dominions. Yet, there shall always be strength in the men and women of Albion, and the Crown has many loyal servants still. Rebels, traitors, foreign despots, tyrants and petty kings; The Crown has faced many before and shall do so again before the light fades.

This world belongs rightfully to the Crown and let those who arrogantly say otherwise incur the wrath of the righteous - God Save the Queen!



There were once those who claimed that the kingdoms and empires of the Orient are but pale shadows of the dominant powers of the West, ripe for plunder and exploitation. Such foolish thoughts are only voiced by the arrogant and the ignorant, for the strength and mastery of the Empire has now been openly displayed in victorious battle. The Immortal Celestian Emperors have reigned supreme for nearly a thousand years, steeped in history, tradition, wisdom and strength. To think that such young nations might challenge the glorious Empire?

United and determined, the realms of the Celestian Emperors are prosperous, advanced and ready for battle. We claim ten-thousand years of harmony with our Immortal Emperors!



For many years, the Sultans of Istanbul have laid claim to the holiest lands of the world and defended them against the depredations of the infidel, the raider and the thief. Grown idle and lazy with the wealth of their realm, the Sultanate for a while appeared in danger of collapsing under the pressure of foreign enemies. Now enriched by the font of knowledge unlocked by the New Learning, the Sultanate has been revitalised as a world power.

The New Learning has not been the only revelation received by the Sultan and the Sublime Porte – secret friends of the Sultanate have explained that all is not quite what it seems in this Dystopian Age. A greater threat than the petty sabre-rattling great powers exists, and it is the duty of all to oppose this dark curse before it destroys the world.


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